How do I Check wheather i already have fixed RCD Protection
1st May 2014
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To check if you have fixed RCD protection go to the consumer unit and have a look to see if there is a divice with a push button marked T or Test. This test button is part of an RCD. If an RCD is fitted there should also be a lable on or near the consumer unit stating test qurterly.

if you have a RCD you should check that its is functioning properly by pushing the test button every three months. when tested the RCD should switch off the power to the areas of the home it protects.

The RCD( or RCDs) in your consumer unit may not cover everything in your home,such as the lighting circuits, so its  good idea to check- while the RCD is off- which sockets and lights are no longer working.

switch the RCD back on to restore the supply.

If your RCD does NOT switch off the electricity supply to the protected circuits when the test button is pressed, or if it does not reset call us for free advice 01902 411717 or 07967518006.

If you dont have RCD protection fitted in your consumer unit the best way to protect youurself for the short tearm is use a portable RCD which you can buy from most diy shops. all yoyu have to do is plug it into a socket and plug the appliance into the RCD.

However if for example you damage a hidden cable when fixing somthing to a wall, you WONT be protected against electric shock unlss you have an RCD in your consumer unit protecting that circuit. 

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