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24th April 2012
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We all love that feeling of going away and staying in a luxury hotel. You get a chance to get away from the boring jobs at home such as cooking and cleaning. But please don’t assume just because your in a luxury hotel problems will not occur.
Before you leave home?

You could now be way for a matter of weeks so make sure your home is left safe and secure.

•    Make sure doors and windows are locked
•    Keys that you are not taking with you are stored in a secure place
•    Your spare front door key is best given to a neighbor, friend or relative
•    Confidential information is not left lying around

At The Hotel

When you arrive at your hotel you will more than likely have pre-paid for your room so just hand over a few details to the reception.

Now your in your room their will more than likely be a Hotel Safe, if you have any valuable items on you it is recommended to lock these in the safe.  Whenever you leave the room make sure nothing is left in plain view and look all windows and doors, even if you only go out for a stroll it only takes a few seconds to be burgled !!!  

Leaving the Hotel 

Please remember to check the room before you leave and in particular the safe as these items are more than likely precious to you.
On the whole it is expected that you will have had a pleasant stay and enjoyed your holiday. But sometimes things happen that are beyond your control but if you take these precautions into consideration I am sure most of your holidays will be to your complete satisfaction.

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