Homoeopathy Offers Help for School Anxiety in Walsall.
17th August 2011
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The end of the school holidays is approaching and many youngsters from Walsall will be starting school for the first time, changing classes or changing schools.

Anxiety about starting or changing school is normal, but for some Walsall children the stress of a new school or teacher can be overwhelming. Becoming more independent for the first time, sitting still for long periods, taking instructions, and the school playground can cause some children great distress.

Symptoms can include behavioural problems such as aggression, or clinginess, digestive upsets, headaches, and sleeping problems, such as nightmares or bedwetting.

The good news is there is a solution that is safe, non-toxic and for minor short lived problems you can treat it yourself at home with remedies that can be bought over the counter in Walsall health food shops and chemists.

When selecting a homoeopathic remedy, individual characteristics need to be taken into account. Below are a few remedies and their characteristics that might be useful for children experiencing problems adjusting.

Argentum nitricum: a child needing this remedy will be hurried, with lots of fears and anxieties, always asking “what if…” Physical symptoms include loud wind, twitching, diarrhoea and periodic weakness.

Lycopodium: this child will lack confidence and doesn’t like doing new things, but can be assertive and bossy at home. Physical symptoms include bloating, huge appetite, heartburn with sour burping and waking as if from a fright.

Silica: this child is nervous, sensitive and excitable and lacks confidence, with a fear of new things. They can be obstinate, with fixed ideas. Physical symptoms include cracked dry skin, cutting abdominal pain with rumbling and headache that moves to the forehead and settles over one eye.

Arsenicum: this child is restless, fears failure, worries about burglars and their health, won’t be left alone, likes to plan and tidies up after themselves. Physical symptoms include: diarrhoea from anxiety, with thirst, has trouble swallowing food, and burning pains. 

If your child’s problems do not fit these characteristics, do not improve or seem more serious, contact professional homoeopath Shirley Harvey for a no obligation chat on 07531 837 022.


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