Home Improvement Lockdown Checklist - Walsall
3rd June 2020
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With many of us now at home you may be considering getting round to do the things that we never have time for before.

It might also be a good time to look at those home improvements that we have thought about doing our or getting a professional recommended tradesperson come and do it for you.

Remember whilst many trades are in Lockdown, they are still available to get a quote by phone or email.

We have put together a checklist that you might find useful.

>>> CLICK HERE <<< to download the checklist and print off for use at home. There is a notes section on 2nd page for your own checklist.


Looking for recommended tradesmen in Walsall?

Click here to view different categories of tradesmen in Walsall and read customer reviews. You can also search with what you are looking for on the search bar of the home page.

Thanks and stay safe






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