Holidays Can Motivate You to Change Your Life
11th September 2015
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Holidays are a great way to unwind and to forget about the world, as you start to de-stress you might start to re-evaluate your life and priorities. A recent survey has revealed that going away on holiday motivates many to change their lifestyle by trying out a new hobby or making a healthy resolution.

This sense of renewed purpose could be the reason why so many people are making lifestyle choices that they will actually stick to, and the same survey found that people were more likely to stick to resolutions going into September, rather than January.

Psychologist Gladeana McMahon said: "In many ways it can take us back to when we were at school and how the beginning of each year in September allowed us to make a new start"

Some of the top changes that people wanted to make after returning from a holiday included changing their job, stepping up their health and fitness regime as well as changing their relationship status. 

  • 12 per cent said they used a holiday as inspiration to change their job
  • 30 per cent wanted to lose weight as a result of going on holiday
  • 20 per cent wanted to take up a new hobby
  • 10 per cent wanted to move house
  • 12 per cent wanted to end a relationship

McMahon also said: "Whether you want to change your weight, move house or move on with your life, the 30 days after you get back is the time to do it. Clearly the back-to-school feeling is a motivating in that."

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