High-quality vending services from Coinadrink Limited leave you to get on with what’s important.
7th June 2021
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Founded in 1962, we have witnessed the progression of vending first-hand. We have seen the transformation between “wet and warm” hot drinks to genuine coffee shop quality. We have seen the upgrade from frustrating user interfaces to intuitive touch screen displays.

Not everything has needed to change, though. One of the biggest benefits of vending has always been the convenience. With Coinadrink Limited, we deliver a service that emphasises that benefit. We deliver a service that takes care of everything without you needing to chase us.

We haven’t been in business for nearly six decades by chance. We know what matters to the customer, and we pride ourselves on delivering it.

You have considered vending because you need a simple and flexible on-site refreshment solution for your team. We simplify the entire process from the very beginning and promise never to overcomplicate things.

We take the time to understand your requirements before exploring our diverse machine range to suggest the best solution. Our team have been trained in-house, on the back of our vast experience. This means they know what will work for your business, whether you require a solitary snack machine for a reception area or a variety of services that work for your canteen. And everything in between.

We will listen to your requirements and talk you through the options, using experience that stems nearly 6 decades. We don’t offer lease options simply because we don’t believe you should have to deal with a third-party company. To guarantee a personal service, we finance the equipment ourselves and most of our customers choose to rent from us.

This provides an added incentive for us to keep your machine clean and well-stocked at all times, because it will remain our responsibility.

On the back of customer care surveys that we frequently distribute, the general response suggests our vending service exceeds expectation. At least 95% always say they would recommend us. Often, it’s as high as 98 or 99%!

You expect convenience and nothing less. Our bespoke replenishing software guarantees a well-stocked machine by updating us when stock begins to run low. We are able to identify trends and attend site with optimised route planning software when we need to. We will agree a schedule with you beforehand, but we promise you won’t need to chase us.

Whether you have a hot drink vending machine, a snack vending machine, a fresh food vending machine or a multitude of vending services together, your refreshments are always available when you want them.

Our vending services are completely hassle-free, with maintenance, sanitisation and replenishment proactively taken care of. Reliability is another area that has seen dramatic progress over the years, and we do cherry pick our equipment based on their longevity.

We can never guarantee zero faults, but we do react quicker than any of competitors if issues do arise. You may prefer the old-fashioned way of contact and ring into our service department, but we do offer an alternative option.

Bespoke software that serves our replenishment schedule so well also benefits our service. Advanced technology that so many vending machines are now gifted with means you can easily scan the QR code on the front to inform us of the machine in question and your business details. It takes less than 10 seconds, so you don’t need to take too much time out of your day.

Whichever way you choose to reach us, we promise a 2-hour response time. This is the fastest in the industry. You never have to worry about downtime for too long, relieving what could otherwise be an added stress you don’t need.

Get the best out of your vending services, with Coinadrink Limited. Many operators get caught up with the modernisation of the vending industry and abandon a core principle that makes it so appealing in the first place.

We simply combine the innovation with tradition and promise never to leave you feeling let down and frustrated. Even throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we maintained our lead times, response times and general service.

Recently, we heard someone comment that our vending machine service delivers independence to leaders and key figures who are responsible for the facilities that are crucial to workplace wellbeing. No chasing. No hassle. No fuss.

Simply a refreshment solution that works for you and fits seamlessly into your day, leaving you to get on with what’s important…

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