Helping the Dog Owners of Walsall - Keep their Dogs Groomed Over Winter !
2nd December 2009
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Helping the Dog Owners of Walsall -

 Keep their Dogs Groomed Over Winter!

With the wet, colder weather setting in, many of you may be wondering if getting your dogs groomed at this time of year is really necessary? After all, won’t they be cold if they get their hair cut in the winter? Also this time of year everybody is trying to save a little money where they can.

It is understandable—no one wants their dog to freeze—but what you may not realise is that grooming is just as important in winter as it is in every other season, for short- and long-haired dogs alike.

When out walking our dogs in Walsall their coats are exposed to rain, snow and dampness from the ground. For a dog with a thick coat getting wet is like us wearing wet clothes – we soon get cold and start to shiver! It takes much longer for their coat to dry when it’s thicker so they’re left cold and shivering for longer. Plus, even a little bit of moisture is enough to cause matting, and we all know how dreadful those hair mats are for our dogs. A long coat is far less comfortable for a dog when it’s full of mats as it pulls on the skin and causes painful irritation.

Sam Oakley @ Pampered Pets in Walsall says " It is an absolute must to keep to a regular grooming regime particularly more important over the Winter months. Our weather is so unpredictable with all this global warming you hear about."

"While you are growing your dogs coat for the Winter and just face it I know you all have good intention to find the time to groom your pets, often through no fault of your own using  the wrong grooming tools, with our busy life styles, but and it is a big but, when a dog groomer finally gets their hands on your beloved dog normally around March time, most often than not, there is not a lot we can do to save the dogs coat as it has become far to tangled and even matted to groom. Trying to groom a tangled coat will cause great distress to your dog. Giving groomers no choice but, to cut your dogs coat short, often with little style if any."

"Sorry to say but, the weather in March can often  be just as cold as December, it does defeat the object of growing your dogs coat so long in the first place." 

Most common mistakes - Why does a dogs coat get so tangled and matted ?

- Bathing dogs too often.

- When wet rubbing their coat in a towel and leaving them to dry.

- Not having the right grooming tools i.e. Brush and a Comb.

- Not using a systematic grooming technique. 

Sam Oakley @ Pampered Pets says" If you visit a good dog groomer, its not just the hair cut you are delaying for the winter it is the full service. The extras your dog receives, nail clipping, ear cleaning, anal glands expressed not to mention a good bath and a comb out. So in the long run, will it save you money ? If your dog needs any of these additional services through the Winter Months.

Would you know what to look for ?

Just face it, when you take your dog to be groomed regularly you don't have to worry. At Pampered Pets @ Sam's Studio, your dog will receive a Free 8 point Health Check as part of her/his grooming visit, giving you peace of mind if there was a problem with your pet we would let you know." By delaying your dogs grooming its all down to you, if you are not aware of what to look for, something may be missed causing your dog unnecessary suffering. If this is you then we are here to help.

How will dogs stay warm in the winter without lots of hair?

The same way we do! When they spend most of their time indoors with central heating, it’s really not necessary that they have a thick winter coat. In fact having such a thick coat indoors is like us sitting in our living rooms with the heating on and wearing our warmest coat.

When going for walks outdoors it’s easier to put them in a little doggy coat or sweater than it is to manage an unruly coat of knotted hair. Plus if the coat or sweater gets wet we can easily remove it when we return home so our dog is not sitting with wet hair for hours.

By keeping the same grooming routine in winter that you would during any other part of the year, your dog will definitely be so much happier with a lighter, cleaner and matt-free coat!

At Pampered Pets @ Sam's Studio we do offer Free advise. We can show you how to Check your own dog over for any health issues, we can help with grooming at home, correct grooming equipment and techniques. We are here to help or just for a friendly chat. 


                               Sam Oakley.

                                        Pampered Pets @ Sam's Studio


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