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20th January 2016
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Sleeping rough is a dangerous and traumatising experience; and many people who sleep rough will suffer from multiple health conditions such as mental health problems and drug misuse, and are also in a greater danger of violence than the general public.

It is estimated that over 2,700 people are sleeping rough on any one night. However it should be noted that these figures are just a snapshot taken on one night and fall well short of what local agencies report over the course of a year, and many rough sleepers may not be known to the local services.

It is easy to take your living conditions for granted and can often overlook luxuries such as a warm bed, clean clothes and clean water to wash with. Spare a thought this winter for those who are sleeping rough and don't have access to these amenities.

How you can help

There are a number of homeless charities in place that aim to connect rough sleepers with local services and support available both locally and nationally. Here are just a few of the support systems in place to help rough sleepers:

The Glebe Centre in Walsall offer a variety of services to support vulnerable adults in Walsall and provide offer rough sleepers showers, laundry facilities, and a clothing room. The Glebe Centre also supplies a free breakfast for those in need between 9:30 and 10am, and also provide a hot 2 course lunch for just 50p between 12-1pm.

The Glebe Centre rely on the support of local churches and institutes for donations of food, toiletries, clothing and funds, and will always accept donations. To get in touch with the centre, call the team on 01922 625687 or visit The Glebe Centre, Wednesdbury Road, WS1 3RU.

The centre frequently update their Facebook page with information about their night shelter for you to share with vulnerable adults in Walsall. Click here to visit their Facebook page.

StreetLink is a Government funded website that enables the public to alert local authorities in England and Wales about people sleeping rough in their area. To report a local rough sleeper to StreetLink click here or call the team directly on 0300 500 0914.

Salvation Army Walsall offer a range of services to help homelessness including turning their lifehouses and churches into a place available for homeless people to shelter from the cold during periods of extreme weather. Call Salvation Arm Walsall on 01922 644551.

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