27th September 2016
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“I can never get hold of my Accountant”

“I can’t understand what my Accountant is telling me – it’s like a different language”

“I need help with my business but my Accountant isn’t helping me to do this”

“My Accountant charges me over £1000 for my Limited Company accounts and I send them all the information!”


I suppose I’m not like your average accountancy practice. I didn’t work for a firm of Accountants and I’ve never done any company audits but I have worked for many companies, as their Accountant and I have had to explain the numbers to non-accountants, as well as being part of the management team running the company.

So, if any of the comments above sound familiar, just get in touch with me and I’ll see how I can help you;




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e-mail: nic@taofinancial.com

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Nic C

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I provide accountancy support and advice to small businesses and their owners, using my 35 years of experience.
Yes, I do Personal and Corporation tax returns, Limited Company Accounts, VAT and Payroll...

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