Healthy Teeth Healthy Heart in Walsall
11th January 2011
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Healthy Teeth Healthy Heart in Walsall

Poor Oral Hygiene has been linked with a higher risk of developing heart disease. British Heart Foundation said ‘If you don’t brush your teeth, your mouth can become infected with bacteria which can cause inflammation. It is already know that there is a link between inflammation and a higher risk of developing heart disease.

Here at WS4 Dental Care in Walsall the dentist Yusuf Kaderbhai & hygienist Kaye Shepherd are committed to providing you with the best all round dental care, and advise the following

How to keep your teeth and mouth as healthy as possible

The human mouth is a breeding ground for germs, viruses and bacteria. Help your body fight off these unwelcome invaders by keeping your mouth clean and healthy.

Only Fools fail to floss

The importance of flossing cannot be overstated. Without flossing you will leave over a third of your teeth un-cleaned. That’s a great big area for bacteria to grow and decay to develop.

Chew that gum!

Chewing sugar free gum in moderation increases levels of saliva in the mouth which is the body’s natural defence against germs and bacteria.

Dentists are your Friend

Your dentist Yusuf Kaderbhai and hygienist/therapist Kaye Shepherd are absolutely crucial to maintaining a healthy mouth


Failing to replace your toothbrush regularly is an open invitation to plaque and decay


For strong teeth you should ensure that your calcium intake is above the recommended daily level. Eating raw foods such as celery and carrots is also hugely beneficial as it increases salivation which as previously mentioned, is one of your mouth’s main weapons in the fight against germs and bacteria.

For more information and assistance to keeping your mouth and heart healthy in Walsall call WS4 Dental Care 01922 622877

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