Have you heard of Electrical Condition Report?
26th January 2012
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The new EICR

One of the most significant changes to BS7671 will be the introduction of the new ’Electrical Installation Condition Report’ or EICR, which will replace the current Periodic Inspection Report.

Here is general outline of main points of the new Electrical Installation Condition Report:

The main changes
1 Re-naming as a ‘Condition’ report.
2 New report schedules
3 New Observation Codes

New re-designed Forms and Schedules
Two columns for recording results.
Schedules for different types of installation ie. Single cu, Multiple dist boards and Sub-main circuits.

The schedules include lists of items to be checked including regs numbers.

Model Forms will be included in Appendix 6 of BS7671 as they are now.

The 3 new Observation Codes
Changes to the Observation Codes to help make reporting more consistent between inspectors and making priorities clearer.
There will now be 3 codes instead of 4.

Old PIR Code 1- Requires Urgent Attention changes to Code C1- Danger Present

Old PIR Code 2- Requires Improvement changes to Code C2- Potentially Dangerous

Old PIR Code 3- Requires further investigation changes to Code C3- Improvement Recommended

The existing PIR Code 4 ‘Does not comply with BS 7671:2008′ will no longer be used.

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