Handy Reachers in Walsall
24th March 2016
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As we get older back pain and other discomforts become more regular and inconvenient. We may struggle to bend over or reach certain objects and may potentially aggravate our bodies even more.

However Complete Care and Mobility in Walsall have the perfect product that can help keep those pesky back pains away, the Deluxe Handy Reacher!

A product that helps reach those out of the way light items and pick up difficult bits and pieces from low down

The Deluxe Handy Reacher is part of a range of personal aids that Complete Care and Mobility offer which features an improved gripping claw and comfortable handle/trigger.

This product can help to reduce excessive pressure on your back, as sometimes experienced when reaching or bending over and is available in 4 sizes for only £4.99!

To find out more about the Handy Reacher contact Complete Care and Mobility on 01922 647110 today

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