Halloween Lighting Do's and Don'ts
3rd September 2019
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Do you live in an area full of little trick or treaters?! Decorating your house can be a great way to get into the Halloween spirit... But make sure you know the safest way to make your house look spooky!


Make sure your house is well lit - if inviting people round to celebrate, you need to ensure whichever lighting you're using will allow people to easily navigate where they're going.

Make sure any wires or cables from lighting are kept out of walking paths - therefore reducing the trip hazard!


Use candles in pumpkins - if you're expecting a vast amount of little trick or treaters, opting out of candles in pumpkins might be a good idea. Instead, you could go for battery operated electronic candles, which give the same effect!

Use a variety of plug-in string lights - again, opting for battery operated string lights might work better! Plug-in string lights may require a vast amount of extension cables and use a high voltage of power if all are plugged in together.


The best way to make your house look spooky for Halloween is with a certified outdoor lighting professional. If you're worried about any lights or electrical work that could be potentially hazardous, get in touch with one of our recommended electricians here.

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