Government Premium Bonds in Walsall
30th May 2014
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Do you fancy the thrill of investing into a scheme where you never lose your initial money but could win up to £1million pounds?
If you examine the miserable rate of interest on easy access savings account you will realise the capital whilst safe is not keeping abreast of inflation.
To possibly win a totally tax free sum and protect your initial outlay look at Government run Premium Bonds.
You can join the ever growing numbers of participants with a minimum stake of £100 and a new maximum stake of £40k.
New proposals are to pay two maximum winners of £1m very soon, regularly.
You can ask for your initial money to be returned to you at any time.
No exit costs, no tax consequences and return of monies in days.
Worth trying if you have some surplus funds in the bank idling and earning nothing!
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