Get set for September with the help of Tutors Today!
5th August 2019
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The Summer holidays are here, packed with fun days, away days and lazy days. We all need a break from work and a change of routine. In between all of this however, how will your child keep their skills sharp? Will they be ahead of the game when they join their new class in September? Will they have forgotten what they had previously learnt the year before? Will they be prepared for their next learning steps?

With this in mind there are lots of activities that parents can introduce during holiday outings which are fun, your child will be continually using problem solving, maths and reading skills in natural and fun ways.

Reading directions on satnavs, road signs and maps then planning routes. Comparing quantities of cooking ingredients (double them, halve them etc), making lists, visiting one of their local Walsall libraries and joining in with fun reading sessions or computer activities.

These are just a few ideas to keep enquiring minds sharp, however you might feel that a more structured approach would be more beneficial, Tutors Today offer fun booster sessions during the holidays, whether it’s catch up lessons or developing skills, the first session is free.

Get set for September with the help of Tutors Today...

Call them on 07949 855145.

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