General Election Walsall 2010
11th April 2010
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Gordon Brown has now called for the General Election to take place on Thursday 6th May 2010, we have a look at the candidates in the Walsall area:

Walsall North - The Candidates 2010

• Labour – David Winnick
• Conservative – Helyn Clack
• Liberal Democrats – Nadia Fazal
• BNP – Christopher Woodhall
• Democrat Labour Party  - Peter Smith
• UKip – Elizabeth Hazel

Last election, David Winnick kept hold of Walsall North for Labour polling almost half the votes cast.

Walsall South – The Candidates 2010

• Labour – Valerie Vaz
• Conservative – Richard Hunt
• Liberal Democrats – Murli Sinha
• UKip – Derek Bennet

No matter who wins at the general election, Walsall South is to have a new MP with Valerie Vaz hoping to take over from Bruce George. In 2005, Bruce George received almost double the votes polled by the Conservatives. 

Aldridge and Brownhills – The Candidates 2010

• Conservative – Richard Shepherd
• Labour – Ashiq Hussain
• Liberal Democrat – Ian Jenkins
• Green – Karl Macnaughton

Last election saw another comfortable win for the Tories, Richard Shepherd.

Vote May 6th

Make sure your vote counts in Mays General Election.

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