Gas Safety when Camping/Caravanning this Summer
24th June 2015
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In recent news, Gas Safety when camping has been highlighted after Lily Allen was involved in a Gas Explosion while using a gas stove in a caravan at Glastonbury Festival - Lily was lucky not to face any serious injuries in this incident however it highlights the importance of Gas Safety

Remember, if you are planning on using a BBQ this Summer make sure you keep yourself safe from carbon monoxide poisoning - whether it's a gas, disposable or charcoal BBQ

Gas Safety Tips when using a BBQ/Gas Stove

  • Never use a camping stove or BBQ inside tents or caravans - To work safely BBQs need more ventilation than your tent  can provide and there's also the risk of fire.
  • After use leave it outside as it may still give off dangerous fumes
  • Place your cooking area away from your tent
  • Don't use a BBQ that is in poor condition
  • Don't use a BBQ for heating purposes in a tent/caravan -  Carbon monoxide gases can rise to fatal levels in a matter of minutes 
  • A carbon monoxide detector may be useful in your home but are not designed for the conditions in a tent - rely on more than just a detector

Be aware of the symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning - headaches, dizziness, nausea, breathlessness and loss of consciousness

For more gas safety advice, contact your local gas specialists, SP Taylor, on 01922 474313

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