Garage Door Repairs in Walsall
27th March 2015
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Are you finding that your garage door is not shutting properly or perhaps there is a gap at the bottom of the door when closed?

Like anything with moving parts it is vital to keep them well lubricated. This should include locks, running wheels and spring connections

It is also important to keep the mechanism and door clean to avoid build up of dust that can affect  its proper working function.

That being said it could be that through continued use that some of the mechanism can become tired, with springs being stretched or rollers becoming misaligned

This will make the door not shut correctly, judder and leave gaps

West Midlands Garage doors not only supply brand new doors but also offer a comprehensive repair service for all types of doors

So if your Garage door is not working correctly why not contact the friendly team at West Midlands Garage Doors who can arrange to do a cost effective repair

Call the team on 01922 611253

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