From Postman to Professor & Beyond
16th January 2020
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'Prof Gatrad OBE DL has written a second edition of his autobiography with a difference called 'Moments in Time - From Postman to Professor and Beyond. The Forword is by Paul Sabapathy, the former Lord Lieutenant to Her Majesty the Queen. Each book is £20 and can be ordered by sending an email to This book has been specifically written to raise money for humanitarian and environmental causes in the UK and abroad.    The first edition was sold out  and raised £20,000 which helped build 60 houses for the Rohngyas in Bangladesh. Presently the sale of each book will buy 4 litter picks or 2 litter bag holders. Prof Gatrad is hoping to continue to give these to all the schools that need then to encourage litter picking bu adopting 2 streets  near their school.    Some reviews:  

I have just finished reading your book and must confess it

is a real inspiration to any individual in whatever walk of life

he/ she is working. 


Deeply imbued in the life and career journey is the message that one should never give up or lose hope in achieving one’s goals and dreams in life. Instilled in it is a will and determination to break barriers and glass ceilings and open doors that have not been opened before. 


Above all, it is the selfless service for humanity interposed with the crucial essence that through this selfless service one is bringing happiness and relief to humanity through the noble profession of medicine and healthcare along with the numerous international humanitarian aid and relief initiatives that have cured and saved thousands of lives. 


I pray this wonderful and inspiring journey continues for many more years and that mere novices like myself are able to benefit from your pearls of wisdom and life experiences




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