16th November 2010
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As Christmas approaches, it is even more important to highlight the need for security and keeping our valuables safe. Many thieves are opportunists so please rememeber this when out shopping, taking items back to the car etc. Once you have arrived home with the Christmas Shopping, make sure you dont leave it in sight of front windows so that any passing thief can spy your day's purchases. Think and take a look at your property and ask yourself if your locks are up to date, safe and secure? Think how you would get in to your property if you were locked out ? A loose fitting lock or even one that looks old is an easy target for a burglar and will be a means of quick access to your property.

Also think about the increased nights out as the party season gets in to full swing. Dont leave your property in darkness if all the members of the household are out. Again this is another instance where a burglar may see this as an opportunity to break in. Please take this opportunity to contact us at ADVANCED CONTRACTS to arrange a FREE NO OBLIGATION assessment of your property where our fully trained staff can advise of the latest locks and security devices available to keep your property safe. We offer many products not available to the general public and have close working links with West Midlands Police.

Call 01902 635777 or click here for more information about Advanced Contracts in Walsall.

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