Former Walsall Councillor Takes To The Airwaves To Spread Hope
4th March 2021
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Former Walsall Councillor Carol Fletcher has been a community activist for nearly 30 yrs, and during that time has worked in various fields with a variety of people. She has now taken up a role broadcasting on community radio station Hope Radio online and 87.9 FM radio to bring hope to the community during lockdown.    

Carol has always worked helping others. Providing advice and guidence along the way. Carol is a former Councillor for Walsall MBC so has desk the many welfare cases and helping residents with their issues ranging from benefits to housing,evictions.      Carol has worked with the ex-service community and won an award for her welfare work with communities. Carol has also spent a lot of time working with the ladies in the sex trade industry and also service users with addictions.   

Carol Is an accredited Drugs/Alcohol Counsellor. Carols passion is working with disabled community and also those with mental health issues. Carol is both articulate and assertive and has always championed the underprivileged and is a voice for those that are not able to get their message across.    

Carol is a service user being a wheelchair user and wants to focus on the facilities that can give a better quality of life to the Disabled community.     

Carol has now been offered her own radio show on Hope radio online and on 87.9 FM.


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