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9th September 2011
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This sweet is proof personified of Aristotle’s most famous of quotes that "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

As this most Mythical of sweets is effectively made up from two of the most mundane of food stuffs.

First you have a shell that is made from pretty much tasteless corn-starch it’s like a multi coloured communion wafer.

Then there’s its centre which is filled with a very bitter acidy sherbet.

Individually they are just about Okay I guess, but put them together then something magical happens.


Well it's all about the way you eat this sweet delight.

First, place said sweet on the tongue and press against roof of mouth.

Then wait for it to suck up every last drop of saliva, leaving your mouth dryer than freeze dried coffee, as this is happens the shell starts to dissolve and when it gets to the point where you are screaming out for something to quench the dryness your mouth then gets the most satisfying explosion of fizz and tang engulfing your dried out taste buds – simply wonderful!


Mark - The Sweet Shop Walsall 

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