4th October 2021
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All businesses large or small, well established, or just starting out, local or national, need to consider advertising at some point. Of course, there are many ways to do this – social media, local newspapers, and websites to name but a few.

One of the best ways to get your business noticed, reach a wider audience, and gain customers, is with vehicle branding, which can often prove equally as effective as the methods mentioned above!

Here at Spicey DeSigns, we specialise in vehicle graphics and wraps, so read on for some inspiration

1. Cost Effective Marketing

Unlike other forms of advertising such as boosted social media posts and costly newspaper ads, just one initial investment is required to brand your vehicle (s). A professional wrap can last for 5-10 years. During that time, we can easily remove, re-design and re-apply graphics to keep up with your brand and changing trends.

2. Mobile Advertising

If you have a great business – shout about it! Show off your branding, get recognised and grab some attention with your vehicle. With well designed, easy to read and attractive branding you can reach many potential customers every day, whether on the road, in traffic or outside a customer’s premises. This can also lead to more targeted advertising as the people who see the vehicle are likely to also live and work in the same area as you - and we all love to deal with fellow local businesses!

3.  A professional appearance

A well branded vehicle gives a much more professional image than a plain, unbranded vehicle. It can give the impression of a larger, well-established business. Even if you are only just starting out or have been using an unbranded car or van, some basic graphics can get your business on the way to becoming recognised. There are also vehicle magnets to consider if you do not initially require a permanent solution. Keeping your brand consistent with the same look and feel across the board, from letter heads to T shirts and of course, your vehicle, maintains a professional image.

4. Protection

A full vinyl wrap can protect paintwork from scratches and stone chips and even the effects of the sun over time. It is also quite easy to remove, leaving a lease vehicle in good condition when returned, for example. It is also a lot cheaper and more time efficient than having the vehicle resprayed!



 5. Other considerations

Advertising on local transport or partnering with another local business to advertise on their vehicles (or let them have space on yours) can also provide cost effective solutions.

Insurance companies may look upon vehicle branding as a deterrent to thieves as the vehicle will be distinctive. Insurers will also need to know if the vehicle has changed colour by over 75%, as will the DVLA so the logbook is amended accordingly.


In conclusion, vehicle wraps and graphics in Walsall provide an all-in-one solution towards driving your business forward.

SpiceyDeSigns will be with you from initial enquiry, through the design process, to the final fitting and even provide aftercare solutions too.

You can contact Sam & Lizzy at Spicey DeSigns for further information on 07736 967418

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