First Aid in Walsall - Heart Attack
24th January 2011
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First Aid in Walsall – Heart Attacks

Heart disease remains the biggest killer in the western world with the UK having some of the highest rates within Europe.

The good news is that 2/3 of heart attack victims are conscious when they arrive at A&E – meaning that early recognition of the symptoms may prove vital in their recovery.

Common symptoms may include:

·         Chest pain

·         Pain in other areas – arms (either arm, but most commonly the left), jaw, neck, shoulders or abdomen

·         Grey skin tone

·         Excessive sweating

·         Pins and needles in the fingers and lips

·         Difficulty breathing

·         Nausea

Remember that not all symptoms may appear. First Aid treatment is to dial 999/112 and, leaving the casualty where they are, place them in the ‘W’ position (see picture) Ask if they have any history of heart problems and if they have medication assist them to take it – do not administer it yourself.

If the casualty consents and has no allergies you can also offer them a 300mg aspirin tablet to be chewed slowly in the mouth. Monitor and reassure. If the casualty becomes unconscious assess for breathing and commence CPR if necessary.

If you are interested in finding a First Aid Course within Walsall and the West Midlands then call First Response First Aid Ltd on 01922 411611, or email:

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