First Aid in Walsall - Diabetes
6th January 2011
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It is estimated that 4 million people in the UK have diabetes yet 1 million of these people don’t know it. Could this be you?  You are at increased risk if you are over 45 years, are overweight or have high blood pressure or cholesterol. However diabetes can occur at any age, within any gender and within all lifestyles.

People with diabetes have to adjust medication, diet and exercise to ensure their blood sugars stay within the ‘normal’ zone.  As a first aider it is important to recognise the signs and symptoms displayed when someone has high or low blood sugar. The most common scenario is hypoglycaemia – low blood sugar.
Symptoms can develop within minutes, and include:

• Pale sweaty skin
• Visible shaking
• Slurred or confused speech
• Hunger
• General confusion
• Aggression
• Tingling
• Blurred vision

Offer the casualty small amounts of sugary foods/drinks – the casualty may carry their own ‘snack pack’. Improvement should  be very quick. If there is no improvement then dial 999/112 as the patient may be hyperglycaemic – have high blood sugar.

 Symptoms of high blood sugar are:

• Severe thirst
• Excessive urination
• Sweet ‘pear drop’ smell on the breath
• Fatigue
• Flushed dry skin
• Stomach pains or nausea
• Blurred vision

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