Finding the right hair salon in Walsall
16th September 2011
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Finding a hair salon you can trust can be a bit of a task and if you’re like me trusting someone with your hair is like a trip to the dentist. If you use the same things I look for in a salon it might make your decision a little less daunting.

I always look for a salon with a smile as this shows all the staff are all happy to work there (because we all know what it’s like working somewhere we don’t want to be don’t we, your heart isn’t on the job) A cup of tea is a must and remember the whole British Empire was made with the aid of tea so that can’t be a bad thing...(if you can get a biscuit too then that salon is a keeper IMO)

I always like to feel at home at the salon and love to feel like I’m amongst friends because if you’re anything like me when I’m in the chair I can talk the hind legs off a donkey..

A big plus is not having products and services forced down your neck that is one of pet hates as in the current climate we are in lately I have a budget and I’m sticking to it...

Hope you think the same as me and hope to see you soon at Chatabox Hair & Beauty! 

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