Feel good naked and Lose up to 10lbs in 14 days
11th October 2010
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Paul Wilson here and I just want to say a massive thank you to all of you who attended my FREE "5 exercises for firmer thighs" workshop in Walsall Wood, Oak Park last Saturday afternoon. I've had so many text messages about sore legs! Haaha, well it hurt's now, but at least you know its working right!?

Thats a very good point.

In fact, I want to share with you my equation to success.

Enjoy now = suffer later

Suffer now = Enjoy forever

That's like saying, feeling great now eating the chocolate bar = and feel the crash later when you are sluggish and a few pounds more podgy and overweight


Suffer eating this alkalising health salad for breakfast NOW = and achieve more in your day full of energy and feeling, looking and generally being AMAZING!

The way I look at is, (well the way I use to look at it) we like to feel good now even though our action's may result in feeling crappy later but we hide the "later" with another quick feel good chocolate bar or pick me up which ultimately stacks on top of the last, and by the end, you have a slab of fat around your waist, annoyed and all in all depressed with the situation.

I made a blog post at www.trainwithwilson.com last week and my message was, you got yourself into this mess, only you can pull yourself out of it!


  1. firstly. Suffer now = Enjoy life later and for longer - Eat the salad for breakfast and have the ENERGY to come home after work and enjoy your evening. Exercise now and enjoy the health benefits you will receive and the confidence you will shine!
  2. and then. Find yourself a support network of people who are like minded and looking to achieve the same health and fitness goals as you are. Personally I urge you to join my Fitness Boot Camp as I know this is the complete personal training programme out their with a support network that will be there for you every step of the way to your new and great looking body that will give you the confidence to stand naked in front of the mirror, spouse or even the WORLD!
But I know you want that quick fix right now! So what if I said you can drop 10lbs of ugly Fat in just 14 days! And how would you then feel when I told you this won't cost you a penny? You see I am looking to help 10 new people achieve and transform their body shape at my fitness bootcamp, but first I am giving away 14 days FREE of my cleansing plan and support. This way I can pick the best from the bunch while you get to drop 10lbs of fat in 14 days following my success proven meal plan without spending a dime.

committed to your fitness success,

Paul Wilson
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