Faulty TV's sold of from back of vans
19th May 2012
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West Mercia Police believe that individuals could look to sell faulty sets in the borough over the coming weeks, and have urged members of the public to trust their intuition and not buy anything they believe to be suspicious.

A force spokesman said they expected flat screen 3D televisions to start appearing at "bargain prices".

Consumers have been told they may well see the appliances being sold from vans in supermarket car parks, but the advice from police is not to be tempted.

The spokesman said: "Our advice to people is to be vigilant and to be fully aware of what you are purchasing.

"We would urge shoppers to buy electrical goods from reputable shops, where they will get a receipt and be offered a guarantee. Items sold for a bargain usually seem too good to be true, and at the disadvantage of the shopper they usually are."

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