Engine Decontamination Treatment in Walsall
9th September 2015
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Stan Reynolds Garage Ltd is now offering an Engine Decontamination Treatment Service that can benefit your car massively!

EDT's have been tested and developed over the last 20 years in 50 countries with 1,000,000.00 treatments completed worldwide.

It is a proven engine deep clean, removing the sludge, varnish and debris an oil change leaves behind.

Think of it as removing the cholesterol from the heart of your car!

The treatment has a number of benefits for your vehicle such as:

  • Better Fuel Efficiency¬†
  • Smoother to Drive
  • Helps Pass MOT Emissions Tests
  • Faster Acceleration
  • Lower CO2 Emissions

Stan Reynolds now has a bespoke custom-made machine, purposely engineered to decontaminate BOTH petrol and diesel engines so getting an EDT for your car in Walsall has never been easier!

To book an EDT treatment for your vehicle CLICK HERE

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