Energy Saving Tips Walsall
26th October 2010
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Central heating energy saving tips by your local licensed gas technician - S.P Taylor Plumbing & Gas Services.

1 Make sure radiators are not blocked by curtains or covers.

2 Bleed your radiators, if you have cold spots at the top. (Use a cloth as dirty water may spray out) If its a combi boiler, remember to refill.

3 Set your programmer to meet your needs - set weekends different to weekdays.

4 Turn down thermostatic radiator valves in un-used rooms.

5 Turn down roomstat by 1 degree, could reduce heating bills by 10%.

6 Get boiler serviced before winter to rectify any faults.

7 Fit a jacket to your cylinder, usually sited in airing cupboard. (Saving money on hot water bills)

8 Top combi boiler tip, Pressure in heating system when cold should be about 1Bar if it is dropping theres a possible fault or leak. When the heating is on the pressure should not rise to no more than 2Bar, if it rises to 3 or above theres possibly a faulty vessel. Get a gas safe, boiler engineer out to fix the problem.


WARMFRONT - Over 60's get 300 pounds towards your new boiler or repair.

FUEL SWAPPAGE - Electric or coal heating upgrade to gas and get upto 1000 pound grant.

To find out more about Boiler Servicing by SP Taylor Plumbing and Gas Services call 01922 474313 or click here.


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