Electrical Safety Student Tips with AC Electrical
24th August 2016
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As many of you may have just received your A-Level results you will no doubt be planning for University Life! 

The parties, meeting new people, & living away from home will be top of your list but have you thought about the safety of your new home?

With the number of university students increasing every year so has accommodation with over 70% of student homes being privately owned! This may mean that proper safety regulations may not be in place!


At A.C Electrical we are passionate about Electrical Safety and have put together a list of DOs and DON'Ts safety tips to inform new and existing students:

- Do make sure your landlord hasn't overloaded any sockets or extension leads prior to your arrival. This could cause overheating and even a fire, so make sure you check how appliances supplied with the property are set up when you first move in.

- Do ensure that your property is fitted with a working smoke alarm. Test the alarm upon arrival in your house and again at regular intervals throughout the year.

- Don't carry out any electrical work in the property yourself, even if your landlord asks you to. Fixing electrical problems is the landlords responsibility and they should employ a registered electrician to undertake all electrical work.

- Do make sure your landlord or fellow housemates do not store anything on top of your microwave as that can cause it to overheat.

- Don't cook when drunk - Although it may seem like a great idea to cook a fry up after a night out, DON'T. Your safety-conscious brain is likely to of been numbed by with alcohol and your response rate will be a lot slower. This means you are more of leaving ovens and hobs unattended as well as suffering burns.

- Do check that all appliances supplied with the property are in proper working order and do not bear any signs of damage or age. Things to look our for are include cuts or abrasion to the cable, non-standard plugs, loose parts or screws and signs of overheating or burning.

We hope these tips will help you have a safe and fun year at University and remember for award winning electrical and security services contact AC Electrical today on 01922 235401 or to find out more about this great local business CLICK HERE


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