Dog lovers in Walsall?
10th January 2022
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Over the last couple of years more people than ever have decided to have a pet and dogs are always a popular choice - loving and faithful, they have provided much happiness and comfort to their owners during such a difficult period.

The little dog in the picture is Coco, a Cockapoo. She joined my daughter and her partner in lockdown and is now definitely one of the family!

If you had a dog during lockdown and you now have to return to the office/workplace, perhaps you are looking for reliable daycare/dog walkers so that your dog is cared for.

May be you now feel able to book that long overdue holiday and need boarding for your pet?

Do you need to check on what vaccinations your dog needs or sort out worming treatment or get advice from a vet.

Time for a groom and pamper or perhaps a special dog treat?

Have you considered having some special photographs taken of your pet?

Looking for canine artificial insemination?

Need help with your dog's fitness and mobility? 

If any of the above has you nodding your head, then have a look at local recommended businesses in Walsall offering pet services


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