Dog Grooming Advice from Hair of the Dog
24th April 2012
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Whilst using a professional dog groomer is recommended throughout the year, Hair of the Dog in Walsall suggests keeping on top of grooming at home:

-BRUSH OUT REGULARY – this depends on the length of coat -  brush out once a week (long hair) and once a month (short hair)

- WASH – when washing your dog one tip is to place a piece of cotton wool in each of the ears to prevent any water entering it and remove when finished

-ENSURE YOU BRUSH AFTER WASH – hair will become matted if you do not brush out straight after bathing

-TEETH CLEAN – this is often overlooked however dogs can develop dental disease so make sure you brush their teeth regularly. Human toothbrush/pastes are generally unsuitable and you can  buy a special pet toothbrush and meaty-flavoured pet toothpaste

-GOOD DIET, REGULAR WALKING AND EXCERCISE are essential and will keep your dogs coat in top condition. Be careful not to overfeed as this can lead to health problems (only the same as us humans!)

-BE CAREFUL and aware of vein in nails when cutting at home


For general advice on grooming or to book your next dog groom ready for summer, call Hair of the Dog on 01922 623 600

Hair of the Dog is located at 86a Ablewell Street, Walsall, WS1 2EU with a pick up/delivery service available.

Mention ‘thebestofwalsall’ and get £5 off your first dog groom!

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