Dog Care in Walsall - Prevention of Deadly Lung Worm Disease In Dog
30th November 2010
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Prevention Breakthrough for Deadly Lung Worm Disease in Dogs.

Over the past year Vets4Pets have been warning dog owners to stay vigilant for signs that their dog may have become affected with the potentially fatal lungworm Angiostrongylus vasorum.

Dogs can become infected through eating slugs and snails which harbour the larvae of the parasite. Whilst some dogs eat slugs and snails on purpose, the hidden danger arises from small slugs which can be accidentally swallowed when dogs are drinking from outdoor water bowls, playing with toys left out in the garden or rummaging through the undergrowth.........

Spreading Danger

Lungworm cases are spreading across the UK with vets diagnosing the parasite more frequently that they did two years ago.

Although dogs can become infected at any time of year with lung worm, the warm damp conditions associated with the spring and autumn months provide ideal breeding conditions for slugs and snail, increasing the risk of infection.

Is my Dog Infected?

Lung worm often gives rise to breathing difficulties, ranging from a lack of energy to coughing. Dogs may also show general signs of being unwell including vomiting, weight loss and reduced appetite. Persistent bleeding, even from minor cuts is also a sign to watch out for. However the symptoms can be varied and some dog s may appear healthy in the early stages of infection.

Prevention is Better then Cure

Conventional worming tablets are not effective against this parasite. A specific spot on treatment is available at Shelfield Vets4Pets. The good news is that the product used to treat the condition has now been shown to prevent lung worm when used monthly, through killing the parasite as it attempts to develop inside the dogs system.

If you are worried that your dog may be at risk from the condition or you are concerned that they may already have picked up the parasite then please contact Shelfield Vets4Pets for more advice.

Look forward to seeing you soon.


The Team at Shelfield Vets4pets

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