Do You THINK like An Elephant?
3rd February 2011
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Elephant thinking ? what’s that all about I hear you asking yourself ... well I hear the concept of Elephant Thinking almost everyday ! let me explain ...

 In years gone past, circus elephants have been trained to do all kinds of tricks and appearances.  When the elephant is a baby, they are chained to a large pole and the elephant tries to find a way to get free from the pole, pulling and tugging at the chain, but it’s too big and too heavy, and the pole is too deep in the ground.  After a while he stops trying.  He then believes he can’t get away, so as he grows up into a five ton elephant, he has the ability to break the chain very easily, but he doesn’t even try.  He could be tied up with wool, and he wouldn’t try to break away, because he tried once and failed.

I first read this in a book by Ken Blanchard, Self Leadership and the One Minute Manager, a very easy read, with some very interesting points – I would recommend this book.

The message quite clearly is don’t give up – sometimes you may fail the first time you try something, but let it make you stronger not weaker – don’t think like an elephant, so don’t use phrases like:

 “It can’t be done”
 “I don’t have time”
 “I’m not good at these kind of things”

Don’t limit your current and future experiences based on your past experiences, just give it another go, explore all your opportunities !

Think positively, make time, and learn new skills, sometimes we have to come out of our comfort zone to achieve our best results.

I’ve done this, and you can too – my largest barrier was time, as with most business owners, but if you make the time commitment to you and your business you will see results.

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