Do you know where your stop tap is in your home in Walsall?
28th May 2015
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Have you recently checked your stop tap? Do you know where your stop tap is in case of emergency?

Your internal stop tap is usually found close to where your water supply pipe enters into your home

Most common places to find your inside stop tap are

  • Under kitchen sink
  • Kitchen Cupboard
  • Bathroom
  • Under the stairs
  • Garage/Utility Room

In case of emergency, it is important you know where your internal stop tap is so that you can turn off the water.

S.P. Taylor Plumbing can help to make sure your stop tap is working properly

They also provide and fit SureStop - meaning you can now turn off your mains water supply with the flick of a switch 

SureStop is the easy and convenient way to protect your property from the risk of water damage and is particularly useful in the homes of elderly people where they may struggle to get to their stop tap in an emergency

For more information, simply give S.P Taylor a call on 01922 474313

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