Difference between Sole Trader and Limited Company
11th June 2012
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Should you set up as a sole trader or a limited company?  

Once you’ve been trading a while should you remain as a sole trader or should you go limited?  

I have been asked this so many times I thought it would be useful to write a few words…


Advantage of limited company

Can take dividends out of a profitable company – dividends taxed at 10% up to higher threshold – 32.5% above this up to £150k then 42.5%

Sole trader taxed at 20% on all income up to higher threshold – 40% above this up to £150k then 50%

If the income taken out of a company is going to be higher than the higher threshold then money can be left in the company and suffer corporation tax at 20%

A sole trader would have to pay tax at 40% on anything above the higher threshold.


Benefit of a sole trader

If losses are made: they can be offset against other income – interest, dividend, employment, rental income etc

Limited companies can’t offset losses against personal income

Previously there has been an idea that a company comes over as more credible and professional but in reality it is so easy to liquidate a company that people don’t feel any more secure trading with them than a sole trader.




Hopefully this has explained some of the differences but if you feel that a discussion of your individual circumstances would help then contact me on 07711805183 or by e mail anna@annagoodwinaccountancy.co.uk


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