9th February 2012
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Burglaries Up 14% On Last Year Crime Figures Show


Police Crime figures show a 4% fall in overall crime.

In the UK there has been a rise of 14% in domestic burglary and a 6 % rise in violent crime according to annual crime figures for 2011/2012.

Overall crime levels have remained low with police crime figures showing a 4% fall and the British Crime Survey indicating a 1% rise in overall crime.

Other crime statistics show a remarkable 9% fall in vandalism, a 13% fall in criminal damage and a 9% drop in car crime.

However the murder rate in England has not decreased compared to other crime, there were 642 homicides compared to 2009 there were only 618.

Overall it is estimated as a final statistic that 9.6m crimes there were in 2010/2011 compared with 9.5m the year before proving that It has been a 0.1m increase in crime.

Burglary, what can be done to stop this?

Statistically there are encouraging signs in the world of crime, but as you can see statistically there is still work to be done.

Given the fact that burglary is the most proven crime, there is ever more the need for you to protect your property.

So what can you do to deter thieves?

Well if you want to protect your property and valuables wether you work for yourself from home or own a business such as a council building.

Why not buy yourself a safe, with a digital or electronic lock where you will only know the combination, you can then look after your valuables and it’s contents securely.

THE LITTLE SAFE COMPANY are a UK based company  in West Bromwich, Great Bridge, and sell a wide variety of safes from the highest quality brands on the market.

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