Counselling for the First Aider
15th March 2011
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When a serious accident or injury occurs the aftermath can affect a wide range of people including you the first aider. Talking to friends, family or professionals is key to promoting your own recovery.

The need for counselling varies not only by the severity of the incident but also on the experience and life of the those involved, for example, an incident could trigger flash-backs to a previous traumatic experience.  

Typical signs may include:

Panic attacks.

Suffering from nightmares and flashbacks.

Increased stress trying to cope with everyday things.

Guilty feeling.

Increased errors and mistakes.

Loss of self esteem.

Less productive in the workplace.

Increased absenteeism.


Acknowledging you or your staff need help is a responsibility which must be acknowledged. If you are concerned about yourself or your staff open up the lines of communication.

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