Contentment in Crazy Times
21st July 2021
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Hey good folks, today is a new day like every day. The planet we live on is a wonderous place, filled with pure organisms living and surviving, then there are us humans. We used to be content with doing the same, up until the point in history when it became all blurry and the struggle for ultimate power came from the powers that be. Unfortunately, this came at the expense of the people, but before we were worked to death for someone else’s benefit, we use to provide for ourselves to survive, farming, hunting etcetera.

The same powers created laws and acts of parliament, there is a difference, research them. This is a good starting point to calm the mind and realise that when the government say it’s the law, they are full of it, because it’s not been passed as law so criminally you are very sound.

The point to these opening paragraphs is to show you, that almost every person’s struggle or mental health issue stems from this way life, designed and created by man, synthetic! Yet we’ve attached millions of thoughts to this negativity, we think it’s how life should be. It’s not how life should be, ask yourself, are you really okay with this way of life?

This system has roots and they have set in deep, so trying resist it is a struggle because the power is with the mases and the mases choose to play the game. Now, if you are struggling with this way of life just remember the words I’ve used like synthetic and created by man. You can be mindful about this, which makes it easier to look past it, the key to this paragraph is mindfulness.

There are many forms of mindfulness, from the basic form like sensory, for example, rubbing your feet on the carpet taking note how it feels, stroking the dog, reminding yourself of the day, walking through nature, this is forcing yourself into the present, this is a technique taught in therapy sessions. This is the most basic form and will keep you ticking over. Then there is meditation, my personal favorite. This should be practiced every day, for at least half an hour, if you haven’t got time, borrow some time from the bank of mobile phone. Meditating is liberating and surreal, once you’ve practiced and the penny drops, wow, serenity becomes something you can grasp. This will help massively for the running of day-to-day life. If life becomes too much you can visit this state, to come to grips with situations, that is your prerogative.

Exercise and food consumption, everyone’s favorite topic. Most people I chat to throughout the year, at least once talk about changing food habits and exercising more, either for health reasons or just personal care. I encourage anyone to do this, at the same time I tell people it’s hard to change hard wiring and habits, this is what makes us give up when it becomes uncomfortable. Quitting sugar, processed foods or anything else causes an adverse effect on your body’s chemistry, your body is saying WTF, and has a little battle with your mind, and years of habit normally wins, but remember, “it may have won the battle but not the war.” Persevere folks. Switch the bad habits for good ones and the day you decide to eat a burger and have a chocolate bar, you won’t beat yourself up about it, contentment.

A few more things to note, most importantly, stop reading and watching the news every day. I can’t stress the fact enough that the news is designed to trigger strong emotional reactions, this is why people are drawn to it. Find a person who says they don’t watch the news, 90% of the time they know what’s going on in the news. Last but not least, recognise when you need a break mentally or physically, and if you struggle this will fall in line with the practice of mindfulness. Take note, taking a break mentally might just be what you need to forgive someone. Not forgiving is trapping you not the person or organisation who has upset or hurt you, take the power back.

Surviving and being content is probably every animal on the face of this planet’s main goal (we are animals). This article is only the tip of the iceberg. I’m merely proposing a few things that have bought me to a more balanced stable way of thinking. Ultimately, it’s up to you and true change in mental health or physical health only comes from within. External searches come in the millions, internal searches, there is one, which brings this write in a full circle, mindfulness.

Peace and love

Ellis Unchained x

Poem of the Day:

In Need, Anytime

Efforts cause an effect, the ripple on the lake makes it to the other side.

Care and compassion, the stone that created the movement, the lakebed they reside.

Stones will stop being thrown; they are there for whom ever would like.

You know where to find them, they never hide.

By Ellis Unchained
Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2021

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