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11th August 2013
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Is your business a shop??.. an office??.. mobile??.. a showroom??..

Whatever your business is you can rest assured that we at Handepay Merchant Services have the ideal terminal to suit your business and your business needs.

There are THREE types of terminals available to you

A- Desktop



A-Desktop terminal is your standard terminal that sits on top of your desktop / counter next to your till and can be fixed in place. These are ideal for retail, shops, etc

B-Portable terminal sits on a base, but can be picked up and walked around your business within your building connecting to the base via "Bluetooth" device. These are ideal for pubs, restaurants, showroom etc.

C-Mobile terminals does exactly what it says... They are completely mobile working with the same SIM card you have in your mobile phones but they are roaming SIM's so if you're in an area that has a weak signal for one operator then it roams until it finds a stronger signal for another operator. The four operators it searches for are Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange and O2. These are ideal for mobile hairdressers, plumbers, locksmiths etc. 

To make sure you have the right terminal for your business please contact us on 01922 438759


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