Career Coaching What is it and is it for me?
6th January 2012
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Careers Coaching: What is it and is it for me?

I’ve worked in recruitment for a number of years but didn’t want to be just another recruiter. I had a passion for working with individuals on a one to one basis and really could see the impact that I could make using my experience of the recruitment market.

The tipping point of why I wanted to include career coaching as part of my recruitment business was when a friend of mine had been made redundant after five years in the same role. The last time he looked for a role he simply had to look in the jobs section in the Express & Star or Birmingham Evening Mail, found a number of roles, applied and managed to get his last position.

This time though he found job hunting and the various different methods of applying difficult to navigate, which is why he came to me for help.

His one page CV had little detail even though he had been working for twenty years. We spent time going through his work history and from there came up with a credible CV. I introduced him to social media and how to maximise his job search through it.  We spent time going through interviews, assessment centres and group exercises. He soon secured a new role, I don’t know who was more pleased him or me. I am proud to say so far every client I have worked with on a one to one basis has obtained a new role within three months of us working together.

It’s my view that people don’t invest enough in their own career development. We are happy to pay out on designer goods where you can see what you are paying for, but with coaching, people don’t always see the benefits of how something like career coaching can help them.

As we go into January, which is a time when recruiters will get more CV’s than ever, as people decide on a new start for the New Year, I’ve included five tips which will help you with your job search.

1. Make sure you are on Linked In. This is the professional version of Facebook. Every recruiter and recruitment decision maker has a profile and you can connect with them directly. Make sure though your profile reflects your CV and there are no discrepancies between the two.

2. Once you complete your CV always review it against the role you are applying for. Look at what the job advert is saying and make sure you highlight your matching skills.

3.  Don’t just use Twitter for gossip. Every big business has their own Careers Twitter account. I find about new jobs quicker on Twitter than any other method. If you don’t have a Twitter account my advice would be to get one, even if it is just for job hunting.

4.   Once you secure an interview, research, research and do more research. You cannot over prepare for an interview so get as much information on the company, it’s values and how it’s performing to give you that edge in the interview. Most interviewers will have a Linked In account and there is no harm in looking at their profile before you go to the interview.

5.    Always ask for feedback from the interview if you were successful or not. Politely make sure that the feedback is as detailed as possible so you can adapt for the next time you go for an interview.


For all Best Of Walsall members Rainsbury Recruitment is excited to offer a 20% discount on each session booked, plus a free 15 minute telephone consultation to make sure career coaching is for you.

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