Can Window Blinds keep you warm?
6th January 2014
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The Best Blinds to Heat Your Home
As the weather grows colder, you begin to notice the draughts and chills inside your home more and more. You can turn up the heating to keep you cosy but installing good blinds on your windows can actually go a long way towards heating your home.  Here’s what you need to know!
Options in Blinds to Heat Your Home
If you want to use your blinds to help keep your home warmer in winter, there are some excellent choices available.  One option that looks great as well as being heat retaining is wooden Venetian blinds.  You could also choose to install  roller blinds, Roman blinds or other woven blinds that are made from good quality thermal fabric.  Even aluminium blinds are a great choice for helping to keep the heat in.  However, there are bad choices such as vinyl or plastic blinds as these will not retain heat very well at all.
Ensure the Blinds Fit the Window Properly
For your blinds to be effective at retaining the heat inside your home, they have to be fitted to the window correctly.  The blinds should fit closely to the windows and overlap them slightly on all sides wherever possible.  This is important as any gaps or open spaces will just allow the heat to escape and reduce the effective of your blinds. Get "Abstract blinds" to come and professionally measure and fit your blinds for that perfect fit.
Use Your Blinds Cleverly
Whatever blinds you have chosen to install, a large part of them helping to heat your home is how you actually use them.  The key to having your blinds heat your home is all in how you actually use the blinds.  If it is a sunny day, open the blinds to allow the sun’s heat to stream in and warm up your home.  In the winter months, you should be opening the blinds on the south side of your home as much as possible.  Conversely, if it is a cold, miserable day and you’ve got the heating on, make sure that you close your blinds tightly so that the heat doesn’t go straight out the glass.  The closed blinds will also help to reflect the heat back into the room.

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By Russell Green, Abstract blinds

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