Caldmore Village Festival in Walsall
21st May 2012
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The Caldmore Village Festival Takes place on 2nd - 4th June2012.This year it will be bigger than ever with loads of activities for all the family with a number of great singers and bands making this a truly Multicultural event over the Diamond Jubilee Weekend.

But whilst everyone undoubtedly will enjoy the event have we given thought to the amount of organisation that takes place to make this happen.

The event is organised by the Caldmore Village festival commitee who have been meeting every week for many many months to plan and put together the event.

But none of this would have ever happened if it was not for the vision of one man Ali Mahmood. Ali the owner of In Touch Mobile founded the Caldmore Traders Association back in 2006.

His primary objective was to unite the the local businesses and communities to make the working and living environment better for the Caldmore Village.

He wanted to bring back its former Village Status,to put the village back into  Caldmore .

This has been achieved with a great deal of hard work by Ali ,gaining support also  from Local Councillor Arif,local business owners,the local  community,Caldmore Accord and WHG.

So when you are out enjoying yourself at this years festival please give some thought to how this all came about and recognise the fantastic commitment by some truly dedicated people and if you see Ali say hello .

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