Caldmore Community Garden in Walsall Receives £337,496 National Lottery Funding
3rd June 2024
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Caldmore Community Garden has received £337,496 in National Lottery funding.  This funding will help caldmore Community Garden further support its delivery of crucial nature, environment and climate change education for local residents.



Caldmore Community Garden is a green oasis at the heart of the Caldmore community in Walsall.  It is a space wherte people can meet and relax and where everyone is welcome.  At the Garden all cultures are embraced, celebrated and respected.  



"A big thank you to WHG and The National Lottery Community Fund" said Anna Webster Rogozinska, Community Development Manager "for helping us to help the community.  Your support and the support from Our Walsall means so much to us and to everyone who comes along to our weekly sessions, our community events and holiday play schemes.  



We`re very proud of the garden and it helps so many people in so many ways.  It`s especially rewarding to know WHG value it as a community resource as well."



Caldmore Community Garden is supported by a strong, diverse and welcoming volunteer group.  The Garden sets an example for eco-sustainability and thriving multicultural relations united by their diversity.  



The future mission of the Caldmore Community House and garden is a green and eco-sustainable space and to further develop environmental learning and nature appreciation, community arts and creativity and wellbeing of the community and individuals.  



A spokesperson for WHY said, "we`re delighted to lease this land to Caldmore Village Festival Group who manage this garden bringing people together through food growing, community events and a holiday play scheme for children".



Caldmore Community Garden is a community green space in Caldmore in Walsall.  They are a social venture committed to bringining diverse communities together through creativity, play, working together and care of the natural environment.  

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