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2nd April 2019
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• A cake should always travel in a clear boot or footwell with no potential of being damaged by another object.

• Cakes do not travel well on seats or laps, do not under any circumstances do this. 

• Dont leave a cake anywhere it could get warm (car, oven, radiator, generator) trust me, they melt 

• We recommend cakes being stored in a cool room.

• Cakes can be stored in the fridge but quality can be sacrificed if the cake has been cut into. 

• Flowers wilt in fridges 

•Cake freezes really well, toppings depend. We recommend removing all toppings then freeze. Freeze in an airtight container or cling film.

• Cakes can last over a week if stored and looked after correctly. Airtight boxes are the perfect thing for it but if you haven't got one utilise the box it comes in and pop grease proof along the exposed side of cake.
• Always carry a cake flat with two hands underneath, never press it against your body and never push the sides in, this will damage the cake. 
• The best way to look after a cake is by consuming it as quickly and efficiently as humanly possible....

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