Buying A Safe On The Internet
11th January 2012
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Buying a Safe on the Internet

In many ways a safe is an ideal product for an internet seller, lets face it you're not going to find a large selection at your local shopping centre and if you did, its not exactly a great way to spend a Saturday morning. Not to mention getting it home!

To buy the right safe online you need all the information, you need to compare prices you need to know about delivery and most importantly of all you need to be able to trust the website you're buying it from and to be able to get unbiased advice if needed.

At LittleSafe we are different to nearly all other sellers of safes on the internet in the U.K.

Most safe re-sellers online are one or more of the following:


The Drop Shippers

Most safe web shops are known as drop shippers, they have next to no stock if any at all! You order and pay for your item and they don't even own it !!!

Once you have paid they will order it from the maker who will send it to you, great for the web shop as they have your cash and wont have to pay for your safe for at least another 30 days.

The Safe supplier has the packaging and warehouse costs and has to deal with any delivery problems.

What's wrong with this system? The simple answer is you pay for it; the Safe suppliers have to pass these costs on so the price of the safe is higher. At Little Safe we purchase the best selling safes by the pallet load, we get a better price from the maker and pass that saving on to our customers.
Our Premises at West Bromwich

The Bedroom Business

If you have no stock you don't need a warehouse so lots of safe web shops are run from home. This business was started from home so we know it’s possible to do this, but if you're spending money online ideally you want to see the physical company behind the online presence.

You must be sure that if you have a problem or you want to see the safe before you buy you can always call and even visit the company and see a human being.

We may not win any beauty contests but we'll get your safe out on time!

We can sell anything

Some web shops take the view if we can sell furniture or office equipment online we can sell safes, we can open a new web shop and away we go. Well a safe is not a wardrobe, you need people at the end of the phone who know what they are talking about when a customer calls, you wont buy a safe many times in your life so it's worth making sure you buy the right one for your needs and to do that you may need some help and advice from an expert.


So why is our business different?

At LittleSafe

We have been selling online since 2003
We have hundreds of Items in stock ready to ship
We are happy to welcome any customer to our warehouse
We are happy to give free friendly unbiased advice
Little Safe is a member of the Master locksmiths Association
Our online review system is a independent one
We only sell Safes and Mailboxes
We are a Top rated seller on Ebay and Amazon

Apart from that, our prices are great, we sell all the main Safe Brands including Chubb and Yale safes and most items are shipped using our next day delivery service.

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