Buying A Safe and Understanding It's Value
24th April 2012
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When your looking for a Safe first you need to ask your self a few simple questions…

What are you looking to secure and protect?

Cash and Valuables?
Protecting them from FIRE?
And protection from burglary and theft?

Safes are always offered in a variety of models and sizes. The one thing to remember is that strength or quality of protection is not determined by size.

The Grade of a Safe is determined by the value of it’s contents to be secured. Basically the maximium value to be stored in a safe overnight at any time during a year. The Contents of your safe must be insured by your broker or insurance underwriter.

European Standards   

High Graded Safe are always tested and certified in line with European Rated Safes.

In the UK these are the suggested cash ratings for graded safes:

•    Grade 0 = up to £6,000
•    Grade I = up to £10,000
•    Grade II = up to £17,500
•    Grade III = up to £35,000
•    Grade IV = up to £60,000
•    Grade V = up to £100,000
•    Grade VI = £150,000 and upwards

Safes usually come with three locking options the High Security Key Lock which is normally supplied with two keys, the Electronic Lock or Combination Lock.
Still need help finding the best Safe for you?

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