Business Interruption insurance - Can you claim ?
16th April 2020
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Most policies require any claim to be notified to the insurers as soon as possible , so you check the specific terms of your policy and contact the insurer as a matter of urgency . 

Policies that cover government ordered closures and pandemics / notifiable diseases should pay out . 

If you are covered , you need to be able to prove the losses you have suffered . You will need records of previous years trading and records of any additional costs and expenses incurred. 

Once a claim is submitted, you should ask for an interim payment.

Insurers, being insurers , will scrutinise any claim car fully and look to reduce it wherever possible . It is important that you are well prepared to deal with any arguments they raise . 

if you remain dissatisfied with the insurer's decision , you should make a formal complaint through their complaints procedure and then consider referring the matter to the Financial Ombudsman, who can deal with claims of up to £355,00. 

If your claim exceeds this limit , you may need to consider legal action . 

Should you need any further information then please contact John Buckle on 01922 707 598 or 

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