Blood pressure at Boiling point? Let's calm Walsall down
17th May 2014
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I often hear clients say things like 'well I eat a quite healthy diet and I'm active, so why do I have high blood pressure' they often report friends who eat drink and make merry and have an enviable blood pressure history and then they feel it's all a bit unfair.
To a certain extent, life is inherently unfair, that's life. But also life is often much more within our control than we think. Just sitting there fuming about how unfair it all is, and getting frustrated that you've tried so hard to give up various unhealthy foods or drinking and it hasn't brought your blood pressure down, is a choice, it's something we could choose not to do. Guess what,choosing to feel grumpy is bad for your blood pressure.
In my experience, (and there is lots of evidence to support) most (more than 90%) of high blood pressure is due to two things;Lifestyle choicesPersonality and how we respond to life.
Think about it, when someone looses their temper with another driver, gets frustrated with a laptop, has a row with their partner, it's likely their blood pressure will go up noticeably. It seems some people are able to let other people's poor driving just wash over them (it's a choice) laugh at the vagaries of modern technology (a choice) or feel toleration towards their other half (and yes that's a choice as well) and these people rarely have high blood pressure unless there is a medical reason for it.
When we are growing up, we learn to adapt to the world around us and the various situations we find ourselves in. Some people learn healthy coping strategies like taking a deep breath and letting go of annoyance, perhaps because that's what their Mom/Dad does. Or they may learn unhealthy coping strategies like getting furious and having an explosive temper because they have noticed that's how the older sibling gets her own way. In some cases it's hard to work out why we do the unhelpful things we do, but we do them and once learned a habit only goes away if we unlearn or replace it.
These habitual responses and behaviours affect our bodies, our health and our blood pressure! But guess what, we can change that, we can make better choices. For most people having the help of an appropriately qualified therapist to identify what would be helpful and guide them through making and implementing these changes is the key to success.

A well researched and evidence based approach called 'Hypnotension tm' has been developed to act as a programme, with a range of tailored protocols, to provide just the kind of backup that people need to get their blood pressure down. It doesn't replace medication and anyone receiving treatment in the form of statins etc, would be advised to continue and only reduce or stop medication on their Drs advice once the blood pressure is under control.

Hypnotension uses a number of techniques to take a two pronged approach, dealing with lifestyle choices and personality/learned responses to enable the client to make positive choices and take proactive steps to become more healthy and have a healthy blood pressure. 
Given the extent to which high blood pressure is the cause of people developing further ill health such as heart problems strokes ETC it would seem that getting your blood pressure back under your control when possible is kind of a no brainier! So if you would like to discuss this approach with a highly qualified and specialist trained therapist, give me a call on 01922649142.

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